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My Depression & Finding help

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Feel free to ask any questions or u have a story, comment etc... just post it in the box below. before being posted it will be sent to my email to make sure it has no innapropriate comments. also state in the comment box if you dont want ur question posted and i will just send the answer to your email.

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How being on the medication went for me at first:

01/11/07 im experiencng a few minor headaches and im gettin more angry as a side affect, im glad i have counselling it helps get everything off my chest so it doesnt build up, but in general i think the medication with help of counselling is making me better.

22/11/07 It's been six weeks now. With the help of my counsellor i finally got over my depression a week or two ago. My counsellor gave me a book its called 'Taming the black dog' by Bev Aisbett its very useful and woke me up in a way i cant describe. I recommend this book no matter if your a reader or a non-reader, it's very easy to follow with little pictures with littles bits of writing, its not what you'd expect.

First Entry before Starting Anti-Depressants:
Where to begin.... Well it all started in primary school i got bullied alot up until the start of this year because everyone is now more mature in year 11 and because most of the bullies dropped out and went straight to work.
But everynow and then i still have events going on in my life where i get another trigger for example a big arguement with a good friend or dad (because me and my dad dont get along well)  and start thinking of self harm or sometimes even suicide, its a scarey thought, especially for parents of the child that feels that way, im looking at this from my mum's point of view there. You may say, "well dont think that, distract yourself" but its easier said than done, you cant control the thoughts but hopefully with further counselling and when i've finished my medication i'll be able to block those thoughts out and be a more mental tough person. 
Next Entry:
I started taking anti-depressants Wednesday 10/10/07 so far i dont feel any different but its to be expected that it wont start working until two weeks until my body gets used to it. well thats all i really feel like saying at the moment.
Well it's Monday 03/03/08! and im feeling great, i can control my depression and i'm so much happier. I'll go over what you missed in this huge gape here. Well i'm still on meds just to make sure its been  5 months nearly so should be getting off them next month possibly but don't start thinking it was just the meds because it was the counselling that helped too i had regular counselling with Ross from School and now Cathy about 2 times a week and that really helped talking about it and clearing everything out of my head, Also theres a good book that cathy got me to read called "taming the black dog" its all about ways you overcome and think of things while depressed its so easy to read because its all all cartoonish even thought the book is made for teens + very useful though that book helped me understand alot.
Well im off! I hope you can have that little bit of confidence to email me if you have any questions! or use the comment box and it will go straight to my email anyway. :D

Owen Coughlan 2007

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