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Hello readers, my name is Owen Coughlan Ulverstone Tasmania,Australia and i'm a year 12 at The Don College, i've decided to make a website to help others with depression and also for people that have friends with it to understand what they are going through.
Music, well what can i say? i love my music, in my opinion metal and the hardcore screamo stuff is the best genre of music :) but you may have other opinions of my taste and i respect that, i just ask you to respect my music in return.
Depression... well were do i begin? i've been suffering from depression for atleast 6 years now i really couldn't remember any truely happy moments in my life until recent. i can't believe im typing this right now and sharing this with the world its nerve racking... but the thing is i want to, because i think if i talk about my story and whats happening at the moment for me i can be the voice for your child for any parents of a child with depression out there, its very hard to ask for help, i know... and hopefully i can help you,your friend,lover or someone else out there with depression and help you with stragegies to help fight it. Well thats it for now i got some pages up and hope to get your comments! it would be much appreciated and i would also like to get emails or questions about depression, because i would be happy to answer them and help you know what you need to know and to have a basic overview to know what people with depression go through.
many thanks for reading if you've read this far :) please leave me a comment!
*Owen AKA Coggy( i prefer Coggy, but either is good)


Yep thats me ^ lol If you go to Don and see me around just come up and say hi, i don't bite!

Please only use the guestbook on this page for comments about the site, not questions, go to the page of interest for the relavant box, thank you :)

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Owen Coughlan 2007

SMMD-Stick Movies,Music,Depression.